Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Here is the complete information about the privacy policy of ID Card Experts. Our website is accessible by everyone freely. There is no need for registration to use our website and access details about fake ID services. You can access our mobile compatible platform with the user-friendly interface at any time from any location. You can get the complete details about our fake ID services and make a better-informed decision to use our services. We try to assist you to access useful information about our company online on a regular basis.

Is ID Card Experts one-stop-destination for buying fake ID cards?

Yes, we are here to provide the customized yet affordable fake ID cards. Our website address is https://idcardsexperts.usGet in touch with our company at any time you require the fake ID.

Our website is highly secure and convenient for everyone with the fake ID card requirement. We always handle our guest in a welcoming and friendly manner. We do not take your anonymity and privacy at any cost.

What data we collect

We collect details you provide on the fake ID order form in a highly secured environment. We do not need any of your financial data and other personal details apart from what you provide for creating a fake ID. We assist you to gain the information to use of all our services and to order the fake ID card online.

Why we collect your email address

We use your email address to communicate with you regarding your fake ID order. We do not share and sell our customers’ data to anyone at any time. We are happy to be the part of the trust-based industry and successful in the fake ID card business for the years with the impeccable reputation.


We do not use any plugin that does information gathering and additional tracking of visitors to our website. You can feel the confidence to bookmark our page and get instant access to our platform without any doubt about cookies and plug-ins related problems.

Secure Fake ID Order Form 

We have successfully installed the valid commando issued certified for SSL. We make certain that every page on our website is hypertext transfer protocol secure. All communications between our website and your web browser are encrypted.

We Give Prompt Assistance & Protect Your Privacy 

Our company has a qualified customer support team accessible 24/7. We provide an instant response to everyone through the email or contact form in which individuals contact our company. We concentrate on and double-check the best techniques we use to protect the privacy of all new visitors and customers. We also protect our privacy and do not reveal the location of our office because of the nature of the products we sold.

How we protect your data 

Any attachment with the email or customer order form is pulled from our order system when the payment is confirmed. In case of not confirmation to the submitted order form, our server automatically deletes such things after 7 days.

We place data and images associated with the order forms after payment confirmation into the password-protected USB devices, which wiped after 60 days by using the special software.