How to Pay

How to pay (with Bitcoins)?

We, at ID CARDS EXPERTS, offer the convenient form of payment. We accept Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) payment.

What is Bitcoin Payment method?

We, ID CARDS EXPERTS partners with the legitimate Bitcoin payment gateway that allows buyers of our Fake ID cards to pay us in the form of Bitcoin amount (based on the current rate of exchange).

Benefits Buying Fake ID CARDS with Bitcoins

  • Buyers no need to share any sensitive financial information for paying
  • Zero Risk of Inflation on using Bitcoins
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Fast and Secure mode of Transaction
  • No Taxations for the purchase of buying fake IDs from ID CARDS EXPERTS

How to Pay with Bitcoin?

To pay for your purchase of Fake IDs from ID CARDS EXPERTS you will need a Bitcoin wallet installed on your computer/mobile device.

Just by surfing the internet or by searching in the app market you can find several Bitcoin compatible wallet extensions easily.

Steps to Follow To Pay for Your Fake IDs at ID CARDS EXPERTS

  • Calculate the right amount for the numbers of fake IDs you are about to purchase from us.
    • For buying fake IDs 1-7 numbers, the price of a single ID is $110.
    • For ordering 8 and more fake IDs, the price of a single ID is $99 only (10% discount).
  • Enter relevant details in the below-listed form. Once the form submitted successfully, instruction mail for completing your payment will be send to your email ID.

Payment Form

  1. Order Category:*

(Select “Single Fake ID” for one person. Or “Multiple” for group orders)

  1. Total IDs:*

(Total number of fake IDs? (For Group orders, mention your total number of IDs).

  1. State:*

(Pick the state for your license.)

  1. License Type:*

(Select your license type.)

  1. Name on ID: *
  2. Email:*

(We will send order confirmation to this Address.)

  1. Address:

[We will use this on your license. (If you want us to make a fake one for you then leave it empty)].

  1. License Number:

(Leave this empty if you do not know how to create one. Our system usually generates one for you.)

  1. License Class:

(This is not a required field. You can leave it empty and we will create one for you.)

  1. Issue Date:

(You can write any Custom Issue Date here. Leave it empty if you want us to create one.)

  1. Sex:*
  2. Height:
  3. Weight:
  4. Hair Color:
  5. Eye:
  6. Date of Birth:
  7. Your Photo:*

(Upload your photo with any background. We will alter it with our Photoshop.)

  1. Upload Photo of your Signature:*

(A photo of your signature on a white paper using a sharpie or pen.)

  1. Shipping Address:*

(This is the Address where we will ship your product to. You can use the Format: Street, City, State, Zipcode.)

  1. Total Amount:*

(This is your total in USD for the number of IDs you are purchasing. You can calculate it with the help of the Pricing Table.)

  1. Bitcoin Address:

(Provide the Bitcoin Address you will be sending us payment from.)


If you are ordering, “MULTIPLE IDs”, you can submit forms for each Id separately with appropriate details by keeping same Email Address. We will add those prices together as a group order.