There is no transportation expense (with the exception of Express conveyance). You pay just for the ID.

Free sending – 15-20 business days

Express sending ($15) – 10-15 business days

Universal delivery ($30, DHL) – 15 -20 business days

We hold 72 hours for delivering an ID for the client, after we get the installment. Inside that period, you get the sweeps of your new phony ID by email for confirmation and endorsement. At that point we transport it, furnishing you with a following number; the further conveyance relies upon the outsider. When all is said in done, it doesn’t take longer than 72 hours for us to make your ID, if the gave data is right and the photograph is great.

In any case, we can’t guarantee that you will get your total ID inside 72 hours after you make an installment. The postponement may differ because of hardware breakdown, supply entry delay, out of the blue high number of requests submitted around the same time, and numerous different variables that are outside our ability to control.

That is the reason we urge you to arrange your phony ID auspicious, somewhere around multi week before you require it. It is a decent practice to make your request ahead of time, so you are certain that you get it before time, particularly on the off chance that you require it for an uncommon occasion. We, thus, bend over backward to convey your ID at the earliest opportunity.

It would be ideal if you take note of that the 72-hour term does not have any significant bearing to amass orders with in excess of 20 ID to create, check and ship. For this situation, we request 96 hours (4 business days) at any rate, to guarantee that you get precisely what you require. Trust me: we do everything we can to make it quicker and keep it solid in the meantime.